Welcome Number 2

1992 Porsche 928 GTS, automatic, Japan market car

Yep, I did it, I purchased this 1992 928 GTS! Kinda crazy I know, but since owning my 1988 928 S4 5spd, I have really fallen in love with the car. I really enjoy working on it and have come to appreciate the build quality and engineering of everything. Remember this was a black slate car and nearly everything was designed specifically for the 928, there are only a handful of parts that were carried over from other models . This means there was a lot of thought given to each part as it pertains to the whole. As a result the 928 stands out as something special. And there is not a more special model than the GTS. The final iteration of the 928. And, the single thing that really attracts me to this model is those lager rear fender flares. I really love them.

I have been looking for a GTS for about a year. The issue I keep running into is they were still largely out of my price range for an automatic and the 5-speed are twice the price so they are certainly out of the question. The ones I have seen in my price range had really high mileage and needed some serious attention. I would hem and haw and they would disappear.

I know my GTS had to be an exciting color like blue, green, or silver. This Cassis red car came up for sale, and instantly wanted it. I find the color combination Cassis Red over Magenta to be amazing and really speaks to the color scheme of the 1990’s jeweled musings.

The car ticked off all the boxes for me; a cool color combination, no rub strips, no tinted windows, and unmolested largely original. Some nice added bonuses on this car is that it is a rest of world (ROW) model so that means no front/rear side markers for a cleaner look, adjustable headlights, relatively low mileage, and those front and rear fender skits that are specific to the Japan market.

Another worthwhile mention is the car was very well cared for. I have a nice maintenance log with lots of Japanese service history that I will need to translate as well as some nice durability upgrades like ATI super damper, Black Sea R&D super clamp, driveshaft bearings, 25mm driveshaft, X-pipe, and a custom oil separator system using a vacuum pump

The interior is really something special, I can’t think of ever seeing a magenta interior. The interior of this car looks to be in decent condition appropriate for the mileage. I’ll need to take a deeper dive once I have had some time with it. The carpet is looking tired in some places and that will need some TLC.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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